Talma Salem

Brazilian artist, currently student of the Cordoba National University’s Arts Doctoral Program in Argentina with a full scholarship granted by SeCyT-UNC.

Graduated in Communication of the Arts of the Body – 2007 by Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil. Obtained a Master’s degree in Arts Practice and Visual Culture – 2017 by Museo Reina Sofía and Castilla  La-Mancha University, Spain.

Is artist-in-residence at the Center of Production and Art’s Research of the Universidad Cordoba National University, Argentina 2018/2020.

In the last years work as choreographer/director of “Fin de fiesta”(2018) and “Volumen” (2020). This last one financed by Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

In 2019 participated of the Performance Art Bienal (BP.19) in Argentina with the performance #8.2.

In 2018 was artist-in-residence of  Programa Internacional de Intercambio PAR + Plataforma/VA with the project “Preludio #01”.

She worked as a performer in Luis Garay and Diego Biachi’s piece “UNDER DE SÍ” during ARCO MADRID 2017.

In 2016 she achieved support from “PROAC, artistic improvement” of São Paulo State for training in “Body Weather” by Sherwood Chen (USA), dancer and ex member of Mai JuKu in Japan.

In the same year she attended “La fabricación del todavía” theatre directing seminar, coordinated by Luciano Delpratto in Documenta/Escénica Theater, Córdoba, Argentina.

In 2015 she was awarded Funarte Artes na Rua 2014 prize, consisting in showing her performance “Travesía” and delivering lecture workshops related to this project in 5 administrative regions of Brazil, which included Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Rio Branco, Natal and Cuiabá. In this year she developed the Installation PERMITIDAS DECLARACIONES DE AMORat CABILDO DE CÓRDOBA, Argentina within the “Construcciones sobre indicios” program, by “Muestra Documental de la CONADEP” as part of its project “Para no olvidar o I’M VERY MUCH IN LOVE W/U”.

In 2014 She was in artistic residence by the “Obras em Construção” program part of Associação Cultural Casa das Caldeiras in São Paulo with “para no olvidar o I’M VERY MUCH IN LOVE W/U” project. She developed part of this work in Centro Cultural España Córdoba in Argentina and in LINEA DE COSTA, Residential visual arts Program in Cadiz, Spain in October of 2014, culminating in a collective show in MUSEU ECCO. In this last residence she collaborated with the materialization of the play “PROMENADE-Cadiz” from Dudu Tsuda, with whom she collaborated throughout his Master’s Thesis at Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil, called “Arte Sonora e Espaço: Estética e Novas Possibilidades Poéticas”, the installation Silence and the performance “Estudo para o silencio” as well.

In may of 2014 she was awarded by Goethe-Institut, Colombia with funding to participate of EXPERIMENTA/SUR III 2014 in Bogotá, Colombia, where she participated in laboratories with Heidi and Rolf Abderhalden, Adriana Urrea, Adrian Heathfield, Jens Dietrich and Kenneth Goldsmith.

She showed her work in “Aún sin título”, action art cycle in Documenta /Escénica in Córdoba, Argentina and participated of the “Performance Platform Lublin” (Lublin, Polonia) and the “Solidão A Gosto” festival (Porto Alegre, Brasil) with the video of the performance “travesía”.

Took part of Conexão ZAT until 2014, granted by Funarte Petrobras Klauss Viana de Danza 2012 with the project “Guerrilha Poética: cartografia dos sentidos” where she created, among others artistic actions, t r a v e s í a, performance with Sherwood Chen (USA) and Matías Zanotto (AR), shown in Córdoba, Argentina and t r a v e s í a – solo performed in San Pablo in 2013. In the same year she also created “Devaneios para Arar a Terra” performance, among with Rita Tatiana Cavassana and Ø+yn (AR) experimental music band, presented in SESC Santana in São Paulo, Brazil.

She attend to Encuentro Hemisferico de Performance e Política das Américas 2013 where she took part of Performances Festivas: Encenando a Identidade, a Política e a Utopia nas Américas coordinated by Zeca Ligério. She also participated in Taller “performancitos” coordinated by Polina Porras (MEX) and Chris Moffett (USA).

She participated and produced “Trepadeira Ciclo V”, “performar” with Eleonora Fabião and “Conversas sobre a criação de si como artista” with Ricardo Basbaum.

She is member of Colectivo Ghawazee de Acción (since 2011), granted by the call for artistic residence of Associação Cultural Casa das Caldeiras – 2012 in São Paulo. This group consists of 11 women interested in developing independent performances-actions and has already carried out more than 20 performances in public spaces in São Paulo, Colombia and Argentina.

She has been part of “Núcleo Argonautas de Teatro”, coordinated by Francisco Medeiros where she participated as assistant production manager in Narrativas Urbanas en la Tierra sin Ley, awarded by Rumos Teatro Itaú Cultural (2011) and Tierra Sin Ley granted by Ley de Fomento al Teatro (2007).

She was creator-interpreter of ACESSO project, awarded by Novos Coreógrafos – Site Specific 2011 of Centro Cultural São Paulo, played in SESC Santana in February of 2013.

She manages and produces cultural projects as “Zona Pirata #1” awarded by Prêmio Meses Temáticos do Circo, Dança e Teatro 2013: Diálogos e Reflexões da FUNCEB, Brazil. She also manages and produces independent artists from different countries as Isabela Santana, Núcleo de Garagem and the choreographic installation of Edith Derdyk and Lua Tatit : “Tabuleiro”.

She worked during 5 years in Acervo Mariposa, producing and developing cultural projects linked to dance, including projects granted by Ley Rouanet, Proac Icms and Iberescena, and coordinated “Trepadeira” production in Sala Crisantempo, awarded by PRO-CULTURA programación de espacios escénicos 2010. From 2007 until 2011 she researched video-dance-installation, along with photographer Yuri Pinheiro, and collaborated with the director Renzo Vasquez in video-dance production of WayOut Pictures (UK).

She lived in France for 3 years, where she took part of a winter internship with Ariane Mnouchkine in Théâtre du Soleil in Paris.