Since the year 2012, I have creation methodologies based on the encounter as the core of my investigation.

My first project in this way, “Guerrilla Poética” (Poetic Guerrilla) 2012-2013, was set out as a series of encounters and contaminations with artists from different parts of Brazil, to then create a Performance from all the experience.

In subsequent projects, 2014-2015, the encounter took place with the general audience: with persons interested in my work who signed up for individual meetings or who participated in collective encounters.

Little by little, the “encounter”, the “being with” others, began transforming from methodological basis into the object of investigation itself. That is how I arrived to my present work, where I research the corporeality of the micronegotiations that the bodies carry out in order to “be together”.

Considering the insistence on “being together” as a form of poetic resistance in response to those factors that encourage isolation in everyday life. Inspired by the concept of “intimate resistance” proposed by Josep Maria Esquirol in the book “La resistencia íntima – ensayo de una filosofía de la proximidad” (The intimate resistance – an essay on a philosophy of proximity), and by the writings of Jean-Luc Nancy about community, where he proposes the replacement of the term “community” with “being together” or “being with”.